Intentional homicide, extortion, and robbery in all its forms are the crimes that are registered in the six most insecure colonies in Mexico City, according to the capital's Attorney. The Colonia Doctores, Centro, Del Valle Centro, Roma Norte, Buenavista and Narvarte are indicated in the portal "Datos abiertas, Ciudad de México", as the areas where there are most crimes.

Such information was obtained through the platform based on the investigation files initiated for the crimes of intentional homicide, extortion and robbery in all its forms, of which most were recorded in 2016. In the research done by El Universal, it is mentioned that the Doctores, Centro, Del Valle Central, Roma Norte, Buenavista, and Narvarte colonies are identified as the most insecure and dangerous and that in these areas of Mexico City the largest concentration was concentrated part of last year's crime.

Only in these colonies, 255 thousand 313 folders of the investigation were initiated, but it is worth noting that out of 24 thousand complaints filed, only 0.1 percent of those responsible were arrested. The figure, according to the same portal, is made up of 10 145 files that have been classified as "not accredited", since the victims gave up the charges, did not rectify the complaint or did not file the complaint.

The same data refer to the fact that every 30 days 7 thousand records were opened in the six most dangerous colonies in Mexico City. The study highlights the theft of cell phones as the crime that tops the list of most perpetrated crimes. It is followed by theft of passersby and theft of public transport users.

A further surprise was finding that Mexico City was placed above the national average in homicides, where 3.1 cases were counted during the last semester of the year in the problem neighborhoods. The National Survey of Urban Public Security (Ensu) of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) documents an improvement in the perception of violence in insecurity in the country.

In the study done during the last month of the year it was detected that 50 of every 100 Mexicans thought that crime will be reduced by 2019. The response of the citizens is provoked by the expectations that the population has of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his administration.