A Spanish gemologist rates the world's oldest pearl


The Spanish gemologist Manuel León, from Ronda (Málaga), has appraised the oldest natural pearl on record in the world, 8,000 years old, whose discovery took place last October 20 in a house on the Island of Marawah, off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

The world's oldest pearl
The world's oldest pearl

After learning of the discovery of the jewel, a journalist working in the area contacted the gemologist from Ronda and asked for his services to appraise the pearl, whose value has estimated between 35,000 and 38,000 euros.

León justifies this figure by taking as a reference, in addition to the age of the find, "the prospections, the excavations and the means that had to be used proportionally to find it, although the objective was not to find a pearl, but an archaeological excavation, but a part of all this corresponds to the appearance of that pearl," he explains.

"It is very small, pink in colour, approximately three millimetres long, it comes from a pink radiata oyster, it is the eastern pearl that occurs in the Persian Gulf, and something in the Mediterranean, the Indian and the Atlantic, but above all it is the classic pearl that has always been commented on, an oriental pearl of great value", says León.

The jewellery appraiser maintains that it is a "rarity" and that "there is no known gem of such antiquity, let alone a pearl, because they are very fragile, everything affects them, they deteriorate by running, decompose and fall apart".

Since it is impossible to take the piece out of the country, the appraisal is carried out at a distance, and for this the journalist sends the gemologist an extensive documentation, as well as "all the characteristics they know of the pearl that has appeared".

At the end of the month the pearl will constitute the main piece of the temporary exhibition "10,000 years of luxury" which will be hosted by the Louvre Museum in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Source: EFE

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