The Witcher: Henry Cavill sends a message to Mexico

Henry Cavill and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, protagonist and responsible for The Witcher, analyze the new bet of Netflix, which tells the story of a wizard who must kill monsters to survive.

The Witcher: Henry Cavill sends a message to Mexico
The Witcher is the adaptation of a novelistic saga best known for its video game. Henry Cavill as The Witcher. Image: Netflix

The protagonist of the latest films from DC's "Superman" and the famous Netflix series "The Witcher" demonstrated his humanity by addressing a few words of support and encouragement to the Mexican people.

With a few words of encouragement to the nation, since he mentioned earlier that Mexico is one of his favorite countries; he decided to give us a little message, although he well knows that there are countries more affected.

Dear Mexico. I know you are going through a really difficult time, but I want to send this message because you are one of my favorite countries to visit. When I am on a press tour I am always filled with goodwill and energy.

That is why I want to return the favor by sending this message of the goodwill of hope and positive thoughts about your path towards a rapid rebuilding process. Good luck.

Although it is very necessary to emphasize that this video was published in 2017, after the terrible situation that was experienced thanks to the earthquake that shook the CDMX and other neighboring states of the republic. However, fans of the actor revived the video on social networks, due to the affection he has shown for the country.

The Witcher on Netflix

Henry Cavill and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, protagonist and responsible for this fiction, respectively, analyze the new bet of the platform on-demand, which tells the story of a wizard who must kill monsters to survive.

Witcher's potion doesn't have too many secrets. In the cauldron of the upcoming Netflix premiere, the sap of a successful saga of novels and video games can be seen, the essence of Game of Thrones, along with excerpts from whoever played Superman for the big screen on three occasions.

This spell, as energetic as it is accurate for the global fandom, follows Geralt de Rivia (Henry Cavill), a monster hunter who fights to survive in a place that despises his kind - as much or more than the creatures to be annihilated. From this Friday onwards, the eight episodes that make up his first season will be available, and before its release, its continuation was confirmed for another year.

Its protagonist is a sorcerer, nomad, and mercenary, accustomed to wandering the Continent -the "Westeros" of this universe-. A "stoic, circumspect, balanced and ferocious" character, according to the showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The Witcher presents a remote time in which the usual clan fights are compounded by the threats of fabulous beings. An epic addition?

In his journey, he will be joined by a sorceress and a princess, both very powerful and with mysteries to discover. A more mundane definition? Geralt is the closest thing to a plumber, despised by those who hire him. "You are the fruit of evil sorcery, a diabolical creation, an indecent degenerate from hell," one girl compliments him in the first episode. For a few coins, Geralt is in charge of catching succubus, estriges, kikimoras, and other mythological figures. The elves, without going any further, live on the margins doing ranching. In itself, what prevails in The Continent is misfortune and hyperviolence.

Betting on the pop wizard

The Witcher is, without a doubt, the first Netflix launch to fill the vacancy left by GOT. But it also has a purpose as recognizable as Geralt's hair. Show the fangs to Disney Plus, which it has just launched for its own platform The Mandalorian - with the support of the Star Wars force - and for 2020 has prepared a battalion of Marvel contents. It is worth remembering that the red N had productions from the former comic factory and had to give them to the company of the little mouse. Hence the imperative need to achieve a full pop firmament. The wandering gentleman's adventures, skulled by the Polish Andrzej Sapkowski, are a logical bet that connects with the rest of the entertainment franchises.

Even Mark Hamill joked that it would be ideal for the role of Vesemir, the protagonist's mentor. "I have no idea what they're talking about, but I agree that this character could and should be played by me," he tweeted to a fan. The possible encounter between the guy who played Luke Skywalker and the guy who played DC's most iconic superhero three times has yet to be confirmed. But if they pay attention to these variables from Netflix. The rumor is that he intends to do up to seven seasons.

In the beginning, it was the books of stories and novels published in the '90s -a few years before those of George RR Martin with whom he shares his affinity for the portrait of a fantastic medieval-. And, to be exact, this is the second audiovisual adaptation of Geralt de Rivia's adventures. At the beginning of the century, Polish producers wanted to take advantage of the epic rapture behind The Lord of the Rings and produced a series and a film that Sapkowski would safely banish from The Continent.

The furor, however, was unleashed towards 2007 with the launch of the first video game developed by CD Projekt RED. The third in the series, "Wild Hunt", is considered one of the best computer role-playing games of all time. "Like a lot of people didn't know the novels. Who revealed it to me was Lauren at our first meeting. Many video games have an aesthetic as if there were a book. This is not the case. There are indeed books written by Sapkowski. From then on, I was introduced to this world that is so vast and complex. It has its own rules and connections. To make the series I caught up and read each book twice," said the actor in his meeting with the Argentine press. Before his presentation in the Comic-Con Buenos Aires, Cavill gave a press conference with the showrunner of the shipment.

Sorcerers and witches

The Witcher then tunes into texts and inserts them for his own story. "Let's think he's a guy who's about 70 years old, has been a witch for a long time, has his way of doing things and that gives him his security. But to tell a story on the screen you have to add something that changes the journey. So we adapted the short stories so that the character would grow. We rearranged them so that they have a new weight," Schmidt Hissrich said.

The person responsible for the fiction, in turn, highlighted the relevance of two other characters: Yennefer (Freya Allan) and Princess Ciri (Freya Allan). The first is a cripple who must learn to handle her power. The second is the heiress of a throne whose destiny will cross with that of Geralt. "They are incredible women. It is one of the first things I asked Andrzej when I met him. Where did you get these women? You never knew my mother, she said.

Schmidt Hissrich's work, in short, can be interpreted as a change of image for a work whose video game objectified women. "Each person has a very strong opinion of how this or that character is, that's what I realized at the beginning of the project. I know that this fiction would not exist if it weren't for the fans but besides that, we try to broaden the base and create an autonomous narrative", said the scriptwriter of shipments such as The Defenders and Daredevil.

Beyond these notorious changes of the epoch, the proposal rests its confidence in the scenes of combat and its protagonist. The Brit is a confessed gamer so he fought like Geralt himself to get the role. It was not in vain. Cavill has the perfect role-playing physique for this type of character, whether they come with a red cape or a silvery mane.

"What interests me most about Geralt is the dichotomy he represents. The white knight inside and the stone exterior lead him to do what is necessary. Today the antiheroes are very much in vogue but I think that here the access point is somewhat different. He is neither a hero nor a simple antihero. He's not someone who's going to do what's right. Geralt always does what he has to do and that has frightening effects. Geralt is essentially good but what he does involves the death of many people and even of the person he was trying to save. That's what I find most interesting, the way he deals with his decisions".

His character lives with two women who are very important to the plot, and who like Geralt are persecuted, subjugated, and strong. Does he have his feminine side?

Henry Cavill: We all have a masculine and a feminine side. So does Geralt. It's something that's very much stored inside of him. You'll see (laughs). It means something important. There are keys to your heart and your feminine side is definitely one of them.

Geralt has a great presence, he is powerful and even though he is from Rivia he wanders around like a pariah because he has no home. What is his kryptonite?

Henry Cavill: I would say your weakness (laughter) is probably your ability to love. The role of a sorcerer is not to love but to kill and get paid for it. It's not that he plans to kill people, but sometimes he has to because of the circumstances. Because they attack him or because others are involved with some kind of political decision that a ruler has entangled them in. And his father figure, Vesemir, has made it clear from the beginning: it's about killing monsters and getting paid. Vesemir has great respect for Geralt because he acts as in the old days, but Geralt insists on protecting those he considers innocent and that leads him to become entangled in situations with terrible consequences in which he always has to choose between two evils. He calls it the lesser evil.

Why do we need this kind of hero?

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich: I think we need this kind of story. We need fantasy more than ever. There's a mistake in thinking that fantasy is pure escapism, it's believed that you're going to watch a show like this and you're going to forget about your own life. There are monsters and magic, of course, and there are delicious and unlikely things for our world. But in reality, this false world reflects ours. There are very painful aspects of our reality that perhaps with programs like The Witcher we can face differently, even if it seems small. At the end of the day, it's entertainment, but if it's for entertainment and something else, it's even better.

Henry Cavill: Although Geralt seems unattainable for what he can do and is imposing from the physical point of view, he is very human. It's funny that he detests being called human, but he's a character with a grey moral. Sometimes we make the right decisions, and sometimes we don't, but we always try. In that sense, he's more like us than other superheroes.

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