The successful Mexican entrepreneur in Colombia who transforms companies


Luis Hernández Alburquerque has a career of more than 25 years in the corporate world. This includes a step by companies from Mexico, their native country, and the United States. However, on the road he crossed Colombia.

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Towards 2009 he wanted to turn his life around, which included not only getting away from the agitation of top management in large corporations, which required a lot of time and dedication, seeking new directions in the world of consulting, but also forming his own family. He met a Colombian woman and the circumstances brought him to the country.

Here he founded a company based on an idea that had left him with experience in an accelerator that took new technological ventures from Mexico to the United States.

This is Alsis, a business development company based on emerging technologies for corporate clients, explains Hernández. His work has already been applied in large business groups such as Haceb, Familia and Corona and they have just done another project for the Port of Cartagena.

The contribution of Alsis is to make a diagnosis about the processes of innovation and technological transformation and find an ideal partner that has the expertise to leverage the processes in large companies.

For example, if a company needs to incorporate new technologies into its processes, Alsis makes the diagnosis of which would be appropriate, as well as the costs and with which partner that has already made developments could occur. The same can be done in the case that a firm needs to transform its core business or expand it.

This telecommunications engineer decided for Colombia when he married an executive with whom he settled in Medellín. At that time, exactly a decade ago, the concern was growing in many groups about how to develop innovation processes within companies. That's when his first clients appeared.

"My essence is the corporate ones. I know their culture, the investment dynamics, how they think, what hurts them, "says Hernández, who has just presented his new project with the Port of Cartagena, in a process that won him 18 consulting firms that submitted proposals . The goal is to seek new opportunities and develop businesses that do not belong to the core business of the company, with technological and innovation element.

This is one of the challenges for consolidated firms not only in Colombia but throughout the region: how to continue growing when the limit is being reached. In many cases, a new investment does not yield adequate returns, even when it comes to bringing the highest technology. That is why it is necessary to solve the problem before making a decision that represents the loss of several million dollars.

The experience has allowed him to discover how far the specialization of a consulting firm should go. "You need to know the essence of the business and its impact for customers and the company. But it is not necessary to reach a detailed knowledge, because that is why a network of 'scouting' that allows bringing the best technologies from where they are is more practical, "he said.

He has succeeded in that task not only in the United States and Latin America, but also in Israel and even Lithuania. Thanks to this approach, for example, he has been able to venture into the business of biotechnology, in which he had no presence in his life.

Hernandez says he is committed to the growth process of his company that was born in Medellín, but already has an office in Mexico.

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