The seven treasures of Zacatecas

The state of Zacatecas stands out in the Representative List of the Treasures of the World Cultural Heritage, with seven emblematic places, and these tourist places are as follows:

Cathedral in Zacatecas
Cathedral in Zacatecas

1. Basilica Cathedral

One of the most spectacular buildings of Zacatecas is its cathedral, of the neoclassical and baroque style, it stands as an emblem of the city.

2. Callejoneadas (Alleyways)

The story goes that every Saturday, after collecting the line, the miners met in different places and gave tours in the streets and alleys of the city, accompanied by a good bottle of mezcal and Tambora music. Today, this tradition is preserved in a festive and family atmosphere. Attendees can taste the typical mezcal of Zacatecas while dancing to the rhythm of the typical music of the region.

3. Cerro de la Bufa

This is the emblem of the Zacatecan capital. Here is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Patronage, the Toma de Zacatecas Museum, the Tirole 840, the Camera Obscura, and the Cable Car.

4. Scenic lighting of the Historical Center

The historical center of Zacatecas declared World Heritage, is undoubtedly beautiful at any time of the day, but at nightfall, the scenic lighting that has been installed in its streets, endows it with an incomparable romantic atmosphere. The night in the historic center of Zacatecas is spectacular.

5. Santuario de Plateros (Sanctuary of Silversmiths)

Receive about two million visits a year, to venerate the small image of Santo Niño de Atocha. It impresses with its baroque façade and its neoclassical altarpieces, but above all, the multiple walls full of votive offerings that the faithful have been leaving over the years.

6. La Quemada archaeological zone

This archaeological zone flourished between the years 500 and 900, it is considered a place of rest during the mythical Mexica pilgrimage.

7. Pedro Coronel Museum

This space houses the private collection of the oldest of the Coronel brothers, an impressive sample of Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese art, etc. In addition, it protects works of the greatest masters of contemporary plastic arts: Kandinsky, Miró, Dalí Picasso, and a couple of series of engravings by Goya.

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