The safest destinations to travel alone


More and more travelers decide to meet new destinations without company, so they require some extra precautions to have a safe trip.

The safest destinations to travel alone.
The safest destinations to travel alone.

The specialized site We Go Places developed a list of the safest countries for independent adventurers who want to travel in 2019, according to the risks and security conditions of each region of the planet.

For the analysis, the data from Gallup World Polls were considered, in which the inhabitants of 142 countries answered questions about the feeling of security when walking only at night, trust in the police of the region and the number of robberies that had taken place. been victims.

The first place on the We Go Places list was won by Singapore, as its residents have the highest perception of security, it has a low rate of violent crimes against tourists and it is one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Travelers can find in this tropical climate destination has luxury hotels, haute cuisine, impressive botanical gardens, and skyscrapers.

In second place is Norway, an excellent destination to explore the mountains and glaciers, although the danger for tourists is the low temperatures during the winter.

Iceland obtained the third place as well as being a Nordic paradise with geysers and lava areas, it has extremely low crime rates and excellent medical care.

The only American country on the list was Canada, in eighth place, since the most popular tourist sites in the country, such as Niagara Falls, have low rates of crime until they are almost non-existent.

On the contrary, three nations of this continent were classified as insecure to travel without company, among them Venezuela with the first place; Mexico in the seventh and the Dominican Republic in the eighth.