The rescue team of Emiliano Sala finds the remains of a small plane on the French coast

"Emiliano, Emiliano, Emiliano Sala ..." For 90 minutes, the name of the Argentine footballer, who disappeared on the English Channel since January 21, became the soundtrack of the match between Nantes and Saint-Étienne, First of his former team since the tragedy.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

"Emiliano, tonight the fan encouraged with an Argentine accent", also read in Spanish a banner with the albiceleste colors that had been displayed by the ultras of Nantes. The match, exciting from start to finish despite the draw (1-1), was a vibrant tribute to the 28-year-old striker whose disappearance has seen a new episode on Wednesday.

The British investigators in charge of the search of the plane in which Emiliano Sala was traveling found remains of two seats of an aircraft on a beach in Normandy, on the French coast, which could belong, according to a preliminary examination, to the Piper Malibu that disappeared suddenly. of air control radars while flying over the Guernsey Islands on the night of Monday, January 21.

This was announced on Wednesday by the Air Accident Investigation Department of the United Kingdom, AAIB by its acronym in English, after receiving a notification from its French counterpart, the BEA, authorized to conduct proceedings in its territory, on the finding of the two seats in the French town of Surtainville during the day of Monday.

Thanks to this latest finding, researchers have identified an area in the sea of four square nautical miles (about 13.7 km²) in which the tracking will be narrowed. But due to weather conditions and the state of the sea, the operation can not start until the end of this week. A spokeswoman of the AAIB has confirmed that the new explorations will last three days and that they will include the use of an underwater sonar.

This announcement reopens the search for Emiliano Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson less than a week after Guernsey police closed the investigation into "lack of evidence" about the possible survival of the two travelers after three days of initial tracking .

The AAIB has assured that its new explorations will be done "in close collaboration" with the private search that was promoted last Saturday by the family of the Argentine footballer thanks to the contribution of more than 300,000 euros of donations, many of them coming from first-rate professional footballers such as the recent world champion Kylian Mbappé.

Up to two ships led by English oceanographer David Mearns, specialized in offshore rescue work, were still searching until Wednesday for the plane's remains at surface level in the probable location of the plane crash.

"This game we wanted to dedicate to Emi and his family. It was more for him than for us. We fight to the end to get the victory in the same way he would have done it. Now we are going to try to enhance the head, life goes on, "said Valentin Rongier, the captain of Nantes, after the match ended. "Emi, we love you", could be read on a shirt behind which all the players of Nantes joined to take a lap of honor.

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