The famous "Ruquito", as he is known by the inhabitants and visitors of Cabo San Lucas, is the oldest man in Mexico and lives in this tourist destination, being an example of perseverance and improvement in the port. At 104 years of age, Enrique is the oldest person living in Baja California Sur and in the whole country, reports Metropoli.

Even with his 10 long decades behind him, the tenacious gentleman still works and starts his workday at 7 in the morning, 7 days a week. Currently, he sells newspapers in the vicinity of the Marina, next to the naval sector of Los Cabos. From very early in the morning, "Ruquito" waits patiently for tourists, citizens and service providers to buy his copies and take some money home.

The people who carry out different activities in the SanlĂșcar bay, come to greet him and offer him a glass of coffee, a snack or a bottle of water, so that he is not distracted from his work. Dozens of people spot him after several years of observing him sitting on a chair next to an improvised shelf, where he places the printed media in a row to put it on display. When he gets tired of sitting, he emulates the convincing techniques of yesteryear.

He stands up, picks up a newspaper, raises it pointing to the sky with one of his hands, and stands in the middle of the port to shout in his peculiar voice "Take it, take it, take it, so you can be informed of everything! Depending on the influx and schedule, the sales method can work perfectly... or not.

However, Enrique knows that like everything in life, there are good and bad days.
"What is admirable is that despite his age, he doesn't go around asking for a limousine. He works to earn his money," said one of his acquaintances, when he posted a photograph of the elderly man. Several tourists strolling along the pier observe "Ruquito", working hard to earn his daily bread with the sweat of his brow.

His positive attitude towards life has kept him active in more than a century of existence. Cheerful, joking, cheerful, and loving with small children, are the qualities that perfectly describe Enrique's character. The same characteristics that have led him to win the hearts of the people of Los Cabos over the years.