The Old Ways, the movie that delves into Mexican horror

Netflix's The Old Ways, the movie that explores terror in Mexico, exploring the depths of Mexican ancestral culture.

The Old Ways, the movie that delves into Mexican horror
The Old Ways focuses on the region of Veracruz, where the characters will be victims of witchcraft in that area. Image: Netflix

For lovers of suspense and terror, the most recent Netflix movie: The Old Ways, is a great alternative for distraction and learning. Based on millenary Mexican beliefs that are part of its cultural heritage, this film will immerse us in the beliefs of the witches of Catemaco, Veracruz, which is a region of the Aztec country known for the charm of its traditions.

The production tells a story drawn from ancient superstitions related to the jungle of the state of Veracruz, where the characters in the plot tell multiple stories of the dead, ghosts and witchcraft typical of the region, resulting in a film of high histrionic quality with certain magical-religious content of the place.

The official synopsis of the Mexican film offers certain details of the main plot, in which a journalist decides to travel to Veracruz interested in a story she heard about a tribal culture of the region, but is kidnapped by its inhabitants, who presume she is possessed by a demon.

The story of the Netflix film stars Brigitte Kali Canales, who plays journalist Cristina López, confronted by the culture of the region inhabited by the Tuxtlas tribe, and is known for her performance in other film productions such as Baby Driver, Clone Wars and The Bad Batch. Besides Brigitte Kali Canales, the cast is complemented by performances from other film stars Andrea Cortes and Julia Vera, and actors Sal Lopez, AJ Bowen and Weston Meredith.

"Las Formas Antiguas" is directed by filmmaker Christopher Alender and written by screenwriter Marcos Gabriel, both of whom worked in the tropical jungle and caves of Mexico, in a natural and exotic environment that gives the audience the privileged opportunity to learn in detail about the various rituals practiced there.