The night, a mortal danger for pedestrians of Mérida

The lack of signage in some of the streets of Mérida endangers people who travel daily by motorcycle, bicycle or tricycles.

The night, a mortal danger for pedestrians of Mérida
The night, a mortal danger for pedestrians of Mérida

The lack of public lighting and signage in the streets of the neighborhoods and neighborhoods of southern Mérida, as well as the lack of concern of pedestrians, mototaxistas and cyclists for using reflective objects, have caused accidents that have even claimed lives.

The inhabitants of the south of Mérida, especially those of the third age, run greater risks at night, since they use means of transport as tricycles to go from one place to another without the least care; Many of them do not wear reflective vests or something that makes them notice.

Neighbors denounce that the new street (South Circuit) that adjoins from the San Marcos subdivision to the colony of this same name in Mérida, does not have the relevant signage, much less with street lighting, so passers-by put their lives in danger.

They also pointed out that the 185th street of the Colonia San José Tecoh III, passing the Sports Unit in Mérida that is located behind the Preparatory 3 of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (Uady), as well as the second stage of the new fractionation, is in darkness.

This, as we mentioned, causes that people who use mototaxis, bicycles, tricycles, do not see themselves when traveling on that street of Mérida that covers more 13.2 kilometers, without discounting the two roundabouts between that route that do not have the corresponding signage.

Those affected expect the authorities of Merida to do something about it, especially with lighting, as there are people who take advantage of these flaws to make theirs, stealing or committing other serious crimes.

via: La Verdad