These are the most typical and popular sweets in Mexico

There are a good number of Mexican candies that vary from one region to another, however, there are those that stand out from a long list as the most typical and popular.

These are the most typical and popular sweets in Mexico
Some of these most typical and popular sweets of Mexico are of pre-Hispanic origin and were used in offerings to the gods. Image by Sally Meza from Pixabay

The tradition of sweets in Mexico dates back to pre-Hispanic times and later diversified with ingredients that arrived from Spain and other countries, their popularity grew as they became present during town celebrations. The portal México desconocido in the article titled: the most popular typical Mexican sweets, Alegrías tops the list, detailing that they are a classic that is made with honey and amaranth, one of the main crops of the pre-Hispanic era considered a very important ceremonial element. These sweets were the first to exist in Mexico as they served as offerings to the gods.

Another of the most popular sweets highlighted by both portals are meringues, which arrived in Mexico thanks to the colonial cuisine, although the strongest theory about their origin is that they were invented around the year 1600 by the Italian pastry chef Gasparini, a resident of Meiringen, a Swiss town, hence their name.

Mueganos are also one of the most popular sweets, about their origin there is talk of two places; the first was in Puebla in 1905, the other version is that it all started in Huamantla, Tlaxcala, although the date that is established is two decades later. Its elaboration is based on flour and piloncillo honey, these are inflated by the contact of boiling oil.

The palanquetas are made from peanuts, but there are also those with pumpkin seeds or pepitas, sesame, walnut, or a combination of all of them, the flavor is achieved through the combination of caramel that is made with honey, sugar, or piloncillo. Palanquetas were also one of the first sweets in Mexico, at first they were made with roasted corn and honey, but that changed due to the Spanish conquest.

Made from quince pulp or other fruits, which is often combined with cheese, ate is one of the most traditional Mexican sweets. Its main producer is the state of Michoacán and it is said to have been invented by the Franciscan friars, which is why it has been present on the tables of the people of Morelia since colonial times.

Cocadas are made with grated coconut, sugar, and milk. This typical Mexican sweet is obtained from the fruit of a type of tropical palm tree commonly called coconut palm. Nevertheless, other sweets have gained popularity throughout the country, such as the glories from Linares, Nuevo Leon, as well as marzipan, which are among the most popular, but their origin is purely Spanish.