The Mexican who traveled to the World Cup in Russia and did not return but opened a bar instead


Carlos Rocka decided to extend his stay in World Cup lands because he decided to open a bar with his girlfriend and a friend

The Mexican expects to receive a business visa - Twitter
The Mexican expects to receive a business visa - Twitter

Approximately 30 thousand Mexican fans traveled to Russia to support the Mexican National Team in the World Cup that was held in that country, however, not all returned, because Carlos Rocka decided to stay in Russia after having finished with the World Cup.

Carlos Rocka is a 29-year-old from Cancún, Quintana Roo and went to Russia with the desire to support the Tri, however, when he arrived in Yekaterinburg he was captivated by life in Russia and despite having a tourist visa he decided to extend his stay.

Carlos is not alone because his girlfriend Thaylun Méndez and his friend Juan Manuel accompany him. In order to survive, they decided to open a Mexican-style bar called "Viva México", which was inaugurated last November.

"I really do not want to go back to Mexico. I want to stay here, "said Carlos, who has already attracted the attention of various local and even European media.

"What we opened here is a place that is a dance club and where we are offering food so that people can taste the real Mexican food here," explained the successful Mexican businessman.

Currently, Carlos is afraid of being deported for working with a tourist visa, however, he expects the government of Russia to give him a business visa in order to continue with his business.

via: Publimetro