The Mexican Stock Exchange has the worst fall of the year

The main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) ended July with a monthly fall of 5.32 percent, the most pronounced of the year, closing below 41 thousand whole, between the rate cut of the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and figures of the Mexican Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The S&P/BMV IPC concluded this Tuesday at 40,863.09 units and so far this year has lost 1.87 percent.

During July, investors had to absorb figures from different quarterly reports of companies operating in the country, the Business Plan of Petróloe Mexicanos (Pemex), the sulfuric acid spill of Grupo Mexico in the Sea of Cortez and forecasts of a contraction of the national economy for the second quarter of the year.

In addition, today were released the timely figures of the country's GDP, with an advance of 0.1 percent.

Within the CPI sample, only 8 out of 35 titles won in the month. Televisa (TLEVICPO), with an increase of 11.96 percent; Kimberly-Clark de México (KIMBERA), with 11.60 percent; and Walmart de México (WALMEX*), with 7.90 percent.

The other 27 shares fell at a monthly rate. Industrias Peñoles (PE&OLES*), with disappointing results in its quarterly report, contracted 28.56 percent, from a price of $248.30 pesos to $177.39 pesos.

The construction giant Cemex (CEMXCPO) had a decline in the month of 15.82 percent, followed by Inbursa (GFINBURO), with 15.27 percent.

In the day, the CPI lost 0.72 percent, in its second consecutive session down.

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