Acapulco de Juarez is one of the 81 municipalities that are part of the state of Guerrero in Mexico. Its fabulous golden sand beaches are one of the favorite vacation destinations for national and international tourists; its gastronomy, its culture, its people, and of course, its wonderful weather, have made Acapulco one of the most famous beaches in the country.

The Port of Acapulco is located on the central coast of the state of Guerrero and became popular among Mexicans because it is a destination relatively close to Mexico City and other central and southeastern entities of the country, so every weekend and holiday season thousands of tourists throng its beaches.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Acapulco has several activities and points of interest for its visitors such as La Quebrada, Fort San Diego, Botanical Gardens, Cultural Centers, and of course its unparalleled nightlife.

According to information from the National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development (INAFED), the word Acapulco comes from the Nahuatl words sacatl which means reed; poloa, which means to destroy or drag and lo, which means place, so together they refer to "the place where the reeds were destroyed or swept away".