The match with a Mexican flavor that will be played in the Spanish League


Three Aztec footballers are going to play a game of La Liga on Sunday, two of them newcomers in the winter market

The nod to Mexico in The Spanish League. Photo: @CDLeganes
The nod to Mexico in The Spanish League. Photo: @CDLeganes

The stadium of Butarque will host on Sunday a league match of the second round against Leganés against Betis and on the eve of it, the Madrid team has made a nod to Mexico, a country that will be well represented by the two teams.

In particular, three players belonging to both templates come from there, two of them newcomers in the winter market.

One is Diego Reyes, central defender of Leganés who signed minutes before the end of the transfer period and had previously played in Real Sociedad and Espanyol.

The other is the young Diego Lainez, whose incorporation into Betis generated great expectation. He has already been a regular on two occasions since defending the shirt of the team from Verdiblanco.

They are joined by another man who has been in Spanish football for several seasons in different stages, such as midfielder Andrés Guardado, who currently plays for Betis and previously for Deportivo de La Coruña and Valencia.

Thinking of them the club that will act as host launched through social networks the usual poster with which announces their home games, this time featuring a nacho verde and another white, whose forms resemble the shields of the two contenders.

These are also decorated with a chili pepper that serves as the laurel that appears in the lower part of the Leganés emblem and tomato that simulates the crown that can be seen in the Betis. The common central circle is also reproduced, in this case with sauce.

Next, to this image, the following text can be read: "Taste to Mexico to put the spic on the league". In addition, they have created the tag # SetiénQueReirWey doing a play on words with the surname of the coach of the visiting team Quique Setién.

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