The first community store Deer Tulum opens its doors

Deer Tulum is a space that houses a store of decoration and furniture, the first specialty coffee, and coworking and networking.

The first community store Deer Tulum opens its doors
The first community store Deer Tulum opens its doors in Tulum. Image: Instagram

Deer Tulum is the first community store in Tulum. It's 300 square meters and its original art-déco design combined with local woods, designed by Marcela Lugo, house a decoration and furniture store, the first specialty coffee, Quentin Café, and space for coworking and networking through the different events that take place every month.

Deer Tulum offers furniture and decoration accessories with a unique design to create aesthetic, friendly, and comfortable spaces to live them or make others enjoy them. His curatorship seeks to promote and elevate a design that celebrates and honors craft processes, creating unique pieces, with soul, passion, and history. Its offer of decoration products comes mainly from Mexican brands and its line, while a smaller percentage comes from international brands and designers who share the values ​​of Deer.

Tulum is one of the municipalities with the highest monthly growth in the country and Latin America and will continue its growth in the coming years. Only in 2019, more than two thousand rooms will be delivered in the area, between hotels and apartments, so the decoration of the spaces will play a key role in the decision making of rent.

Deer Tulum is located in the town of Tulum, which is gaining more life and receives more tourism, given the wide range of activities, cuisine, and accommodation.