The Cosmos Cultural Center opens


With an investment of 50 million, the final phase of construction of the Cosmos Lighthouse takes place on the property that used to occupy the cinema with the same name.

Víctor Hugo Romo, mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, reported that he met with the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City, José Alfonso Suárez del Real, to coordinate the work that will be done in the area of culture.

Photo: Jorge Alberto
Photo: Jorge Alberto

"When I was a delegate in Miguel Hidalgo, I tried to recover this property, of high historical value for the miguelhidalguenses and I left consolidated the purchase of the property, as well as a first project and work began, under the supervision of the specialized personnel of the INBA, respect the architecture, "he explained.

He explained that the opening could be scheduled for the second half of this year and will be co-managed by both institutions.

Said Cultural Center will house a circus school, in addition to offering artistic activities, with a space to honor the "Massacre of Thursday of Corpus", which took place in 1971.

In the mayor's office of Miguel Hidalgo, throughout the year other projects will also take shape, such as La Perulera, the Ángela Peralta theater and the rehabilitation of churches damaged by the earthquake of September 19.

via: El Herald de Mexico