Which is the city with the best salaries in the world?


According to Deutsche Bank, Zurich stopped occupying the number one in this aspect and was ousted by San Francisco of the United States.

Do you want a salary increase and improve your lifestyle? Maybe you should try San Francisco, California.
Do you want a salary increase and improve your lifestyle? Maybe you should try San Francisco, California.
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San Francisco, on the west coast of the United States, has climbed positions in the classification and has ousted Zurich, Switzerland, as the best city in terms of wages and also in disposable income after paying rent, according to the study Mapping the World Prices 2019 by Deutsche Bank.

Only in the last five years, San Francisco has climbed 7 and 21 positions in both readings respectively.

"The rapid growth of the US technology sector is helping San Francisco overcome traditional capitals in revenue," wrote Jim Reid, Craig Nicol and Henry Allen of Deutsche Bank in the report. "While the cost of living increases every year and is rising in the cost classifications in most of the measures we cover, it still lags behind the major world capitals. However, when it comes to renting a two-bedroom apartment, it only goes behind Hong Kong."

Much of the change is due to the rise of the dollar in the last ten years, which has helped boost the position of the cities of the United States against other world cities. The dollar appreciated 20 percent against the euro and 23 percent against the pound sterling in the period.

However, Zurich has not ceded all its territory. The Swiss city heads the survey on quality of life and is the number one, or very close, in the cost of goods and services. It also remains the most expensive city to go out with someone.

For the survey, Deutsche Bank converts the prices of products and services from around the world to dollars. It also uses average wages, which means that megacities will occupy higher positions in the classification because they have more people with higher wages.

As for cigarettes and beer, Deutsche Bank's "bad habits" index shows that Melbourne has overtaken Oslo as the most expensive city, followed by Sydney, Auckland, and Dubai.

For those who go on a date in Zurich, it's worth keeping the beers. According to the report, the Swiss city is "relatively" cheap in this respect, which is unusual, and ranks 19th out of 54 in terms of costs.

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