No more arguing about which is the best tequila in the world. The most recent edition of the World Tequila Awards 2020 has already given its answer: the event that takes place every year selects the best of this internationally recognized beverage category in four categories: White, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo.

The best tequila in the world is from Jalisco. Publicity photo
The best tequila in the world is from Jalisco. Publicity photo

There, Cierto Tequila won the Best Tequila in the World and also won the category of Best Extra Añejo. The judges described it as follows: "Hints of cognac are mixed with agave in the nose. A great balance of wood and spirit on the tongue while maintaining a soft and smooth texture. Classy and sober, with a soft and gentle finish".

This was not the only good news for the brand, as it was also named "Distiller of the Year" at the 2020 San Diego International Wine & Spirit Challenge, where it also won a total of nine medals.

Other winners in this competition

Corazón Tequila Extra Añejo won the gold medal in the añejo category. This was described as "Sweet and shiny on the nose. A pinch of sweet corn. A balance of flavors." The bottle is one of five offered by the Jalisco-based distillery from the Expresiones collection.

As Best White Tequila, Playa Real Silver won. Described as having a "freshly cut grass aroma and a more earthy root vegetable character. In the same category, Prospero Blanco won a gold medal.

818 rose in the category of Best Reposado, followed by Corazón Tequila Reposado which won a gold medal; as well as Lunazul and Playa Real which won silver medals. While Corazón Tequila Sazer RyneAñejo won Best Añejo, a category where Lunazul Primero and Lunazul Añejo won gold medals. This year's World Tequila Awards were held virtually, usually from London, England.