The best beach towns to visit in Costalegre, Jalisco

Get to know the beach towns in Costalegre for all tastes, which have in common protection of ecology and nature.

The best beach towns to visit in Costalegre, Jalisco
Costalegre, Jalisco

Located in the area of ​​Bahía de Navidad, Cuastecomate beach is the first beach destination, inclusive of the country and possibly of all Latin America. Cuastecomate has roadways, furniture, signage, even Braille, bathrooms, and access to the beach for people with disabilities and older adults, Cuastecomate is a cardioprotective and self-sustainable beach in medical and emergency care.

Another attraction of this bay is that its waves are soft, so if you travel as a family, it is ideal for children. You can also practice sailing, swimming, diving, and windsurfing. Swimming in its transparent waters is the most comfortable and safe for all because it is shallow, the water will only reach your knees.


It is the perfect place to connect with yourself, meditate and enjoy the five senses of being alive. In Chalacatepec a turtle camp is installed, every year thousands arrive to lay their eggs, which remain under the protection of the place until the hatchlings are born and can be released healthy and safe in the sea.

This beach is ideal for peace and relaxation. There are no large hotel chains or the commercial infrastructure of other resorts. When you are sunbathing in the sand of this beach, you contemplate the intense blue of its waters and can see that the horizon does not exist, that the sky merges with the sea, the optical illusion is impressive.


This beach is the most interesting of the bay, either for its hippie and rustic atmosphere or for the myriad of activities for all tastes that can be done as horseback riding, boat tours in the middle of mangroves, ecotourism tours, or hikes through the nearby Boca de Iguanas and La Manzanilla beaches.

Due to the size of its waves, it is ideal for skimboarding, which practically is surfing but on the low waves of the shore of the beach. One of the best experiences is to snorkel in the coral reef known as "The Aquarium", you will see an infinity of fish of all colors and species, from the smallest to whales and dolphins, you can not miss it.

From here you can also visit the Los Angeles Locos beaches, which has a history that is worth listening to, and Punta Serena. As if that were not enough, a very curious phenomenon occurs in Tenacatita, and even though this bay is in the west of the country, during the winter, the sun rises and is hidden from the sea.

Costa Careyes

If you are looking for exclusivity, stay in Careyes. This beach belongs to Costa Careyes Bay and is a natural and peaceful space that offers its visitors the luxury of exclusivity. Wherever you stay, you can enjoy an excellent massage facing the turquoise blue sea, horse riding, camping on the beach, or playing golf.

The intense colors of its architecture on cliffs is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. I highly recommend thalassotherapy, Careyes is one of the few and best places for this holistic wonder that helps to remedy practically all the evils thanks to the components of the sea: algae, plankton, sand, seawater, sea salt.

And finally, you can not miss the tour that will take you to explore three enigmatic caves and a nearby islet. From here you can also go to the Morro Prieto viewpoint from where you have a spectacular panoramic view of this proud Jalisco paradise.