The first thing you think of when you are told the word 'Cancun' is the beaches, and how can you not if the blue water and white sand provoke astonishment and relaxation when you see them in person. But there is one that very few people know about, and that stands out because of its location.

There is the 'San Miguelito' beach, which is located next to 'The Ritz Carlton' hotel in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, and this is the place to go. This space of sand, sun, and sea is ideal for swimming quietly, go with your partner, have fun with your family and friends, always respecting the health guidelines to avoid the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Please note that Playa San Miguelito is completely separate from the archaeological site of 'San Miguelito', so you can avoid going to the ruins if you want to visit this 'hidden' beach.

This is how you get to Playa San Miguelito

If you arrive by bus, you must get off at the above mentioned Hotel, located at Kilometer 14.5 of the Hotel Zone, cross the lanes of Kukulcan Boulevard and walk towards the return called "San Miguelito", which is marked with a small sign, then turn right and walk straight until you reach an entrance, follow the path and you will arrive at this beach.

If you go by car, you will simply have to turn to the right in Kilometer 14.5, at the height of the return "San Miguelito" and to verify that there is space to park you, once, within the return, you walk until the entrance, you take the footpath and you will arrive soon. So don't think about it anymore and visit this beach as soon as you can and enjoy the beauty of the sea.