The ambitious calendar of Sports Fishing tournaments in Sinaloa 2019

Sports Fishing Association of the State of Sinaloa reveals competitions, whose plan started on 26 and 27 January in Altata.

The Sinaloa 2019 sports fishing calendar, published publicly by the Sports Fishing Association of the State of Sinaloa, is comprised of 13 different tournaments, whose president, the Miguel Ángel González López from Culiacan, highlighted the broad and ambitious nature of his list.

Mazatlan fishing tournament. Photo: BigFish
Mazatlan fishing tournament. Photo: BigFish

Specialties wave to shore, shore bass, inshore (inland fishing) and offshore (bottom fishing) are part of an enriching program that, according to González López, must be fulfilled fully.

Started on 26 and 27 January with the second serial wave bank in Altata Bay, the calendar will continue this weekend in Mazatlan, on the beach of Océanica, with the celebration of the second state selective tournament heading to the National Championship of Guayabitos under the organization of the PescaDOS club.

It also highlights the National Wave Shore with bait, a similar competition that took place last year in Mazatlan, but in the mode of decoy, and this time will be held in the Altata Bay.

Take a look and put on your agenda.

2019 Calendar of Sports Fishing in Sinaloa

Wave Shore Serial

Altata Bay: 26 and 27 January

Mazatlán, Escopama: 16 and 17 February

Serial lobina Sinaloa

Presa Feeder, Cosalá: 23 and 24 March

Dam Sanalona, Culiacán: April 13 and 14

Presa Varejonal, Culiacán: May 4 and 5

Children tournament

Marina Isla Cortes Altata: 24 February

Largemouth bass

Sanalona Dam: March 31



Santa María Bay (Dautillos): June 9


La Puntilla: 1 December

Altata Juvenile Bay: June 30


Altata: March 16 and 17

Altata: May 25 and 26

National wave shore with bait

Altata Bay: August 31 and September 1

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