The 7 most Instagrammable destinations in Mexico

Places in Mexico where you can take that photo that you have seen so much on social networks.

The 7 most Instagrammable destinations in Mexico
Soumaya Museum, Mexico City

The trend of travel in the new generations is based, in its majority, on the desire to know a site that previously has seen it in their social networks, especially Instagram, which leads them to visit it and share that photo they visualized with so much I long. And is that millennials prefer to choose their vacation locations depending on how Instagramable they are, instead of considering other factors such as accommodation, food, distance, and price. Mexico is a mixture of different colors, textures, and reliefs, which can be seen throughout the Republic. Know which are the destinations where you can capture the best photo to share in your profile.

Soumaya Museum, Mexico City

With its facade composed of 16 thousand aluminum hexagons, a trapezoid in the movement of silver and bright color stands out in the area of Polanco. Designed by the architect Fernando Romero, this building will allow you to capture a contemporary structure where modernity, technology, and art come together in the CDMX. The museum contains more than 60 thousand works of art distributed on its six floors. The tag on Instagram has been used by more than 120 thousand people.

Surreal Garden, Xilitla, San Luis Potosí

Described by Salvador Dalí as: "The craziest of all the Surrealists together", Edward James designed a sculpture garden that challenges architecture and invites visitors to a world that develops between fantasy and reality; columns with giant flowers, dramatic doors, and spiral staircases that end in the air, make up that place located in the Huasteca Potosina, where you can also visit turquoise waterfalls.

Laguna de Bacalar, Costa Maya

It is a lagoon of seven colors located in Quintana Roo, which is observed with different shades of blue due to the placement of the sun, the depth of the water, the calcium of its sand, and the stromatolites, among the oldest organisms on the planet. It is also considered one of the largest on the continent.

Parish of San Miguel Arcángel, San Miguel de Allende

In the heart of San Miguel is that baroque building, the emblem of the city. The facade created by the mason Zeferino Gutiérrez Muñoz is inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. 791 people have uploaded a photo on Instagram from San Miguel de Allende and almost three thousand are from the parish.

Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur

Among the mountains, the desert, and mangroves, there is that turquoise beach and low waters with a mushroom-shaped rock, which has become a symbol of La Paz. A photograph of that place could enrich your Instagram feed as it has more than 45 thousand publications.

Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

It is a system of petrified waterfalls, formed thousands of years ago by the runoff of water with a high content of minerals, especially calcium. In addition, it has a series of natural pools from which you can admire the waterfalls that are part of a pre-Hispanic irrigation system. More than 80 thousand people have uploaded a picture of Hierve el Agua.

Tulum, Quintana Roo

The city is known for its well-preserved archaeological site, which belonged to the Maya civilization thousands of years ago. The main building is a large stone structure called El Castillo, which is located on a cliff, from where you can see the white sand beach and turquoise blue sea photo motif of thousands of travelers. It also has cenotes, hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs that are characterized by their design, avant-garde, and for being recondite spaces that blend with the jungle and the beach where travelers take unique photographs. The hashtag #tulummexico has more than 241 thousand publications.