Thanos destroyed half of Mexico in Infinity War and Endgame


It seems that Thanos's invasion and snapping had larger repercussions than we imagined on Earth. The crazy titan would not only have wiped out half of the world's population, but also a good part of the planet's surface, at least that of Latin America, which seems to be one of the most affected regions.

Thanos's invasion
Thanos's invasion

In the most recent clip of Spider-Man: Far from Home, you can see how a good part of South America and Mexico are underwater; in fact, almost half of the country lost its territory, moving the coast to the area of ​​Morelos and Mexico City. We can see this on the world map displayed by Nick Fury when he is talking about the Elementals to Mysterio and Spidey.

Everything indicates that it is a map of the current state of the world, hence it is intuited that this is part of the consequences of the incursion of Thanos and the Black Order on Earth. It is interesting to see this because as far as we understood, the presence of the villain only affects living beings, not the very structure of the world.

How is it that Thanos destroyed Mexico?

Of course, the question is how he could destroy the country if, as far as we know, he never set foot in Mexico. The fans already have a couple of hypotheses; the first is that one of its ships attacked the area during the two invasions, both in Infinity War and in Endgame; this to divert the attention of the armies and to be able to focus on their objectives.

Another is that it was the same glove of the Infinite Glove, maybe Thanos not only imagined the disappearance of half of the population, also half of the Earth's surface, as punishment for the intrusion of The Avengers in his plan and all the problems that they caused him

A third explanation is that it would not have been Thanos, but something derived from the same Far from Home and that will be explained to us in the film, remember that the heroes will face beings that control the elements; Hydroman is one of them, he may well have used his powers to sink areas of the planet. Spider-Man: Far from Home will be released next July 5.

Source: Medio Tiempo

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