There are two magical events united in a single experience: the amazement of seeing the majestic millenary metropolis, plus the joy of soaring gently through the air on a comfortable basket. Few experiences can compare to this one. It is not for nothing that today Teotihuacan has become one of the main hot air balloon ports in the world, where dozens of them take off daily. The experience is available 365 days a year at seven in the morning.

Sometimes atmospheric instability does not allow the apparatus to take off, but the probability of this happening, they say, is less than five percent. The travelers gather at the airports near the archaeological zone, while the canopies of the devices are inflated with hot air. They receive some instructions and then climb into the baskets. Not only the big guys do it; small children (but tall enough to see over the railing), very old adults, and people in wheelchairs are also welcome.

Then the apparatuses detach from the ground and soar through the atmosphere. The panoramic views are incredible: the countryside, the villages, the hills and the majesty of the pyramids... The beauty is multiplied by the presence of the other balloons; something we definitely don't see every day (up to 85 balloons have been seen flying simultaneously). After about an hour, the devices return to rest quietly on the ground. Almost always, the movement from beginning to end does not exceed the jolts that one receives in a trajinera.

Several companies offer this experience. One of the most famous and one that we recommend is Volare. Their pilots and procedures are certified by the aeronautical authorities of Mexico and the United States. In addition, they apply strict health protocols during the pandemic season.

Another flight experience over Teotihuacán is the very exclusive Helitecity Tour. This is a helicopter tour that can start at the Mexico City airport or in the Teotihuacan area and flies over the archaeological site. Needless to say, the views are equally thrilling. Contact is through the Teoticamp hotel.

Dinner In The Sky

Another option to enjoy Teotihuacan from the heights is Dinner In The Sky, which is nothing more than a "restaurant" in the air. Yes, diners sit at the table, and a crane is in charge of raising it 45 meters above the ground (something like a 15-story building). Thus, while having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an aperitif, you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the archaeological site. It must be said that the food is prepared by renowned chefs. The experience is also open to private events.

Around the archaeological zone, the traveler will find several quality lodging options. One classic is the Hotel Villas Arqueológicas & Spa. Located at the southern end of the zone, very close to Gate 1, it has standard rooms and suites, a garden, swimming pool, event rooms, and a very pleasant restaurant. It also has archeological vestiges within its grounds.

Another novel option is the Boutique Hotel El Jaguar, located behind the Pyramid of the Moon, which in addition to its 13 rooms, has a handicraft store, an appreciable Mexican food restaurant, a ball game for shows, and a terrace bar with a magnificent view of the pyramids. In both cases, the experience of waking up and seeing the balloons flying over the pyramids is unique.

Another option is Teoticamp, a spa hotel with a good restaurant and an important plus: ample outdoor spaces with a swimming pool, children's games, lawns, and areas for bonfires. Its villa-style rooms are especially suitable for the pandemic season. The hotel also offers helicopter flights over the archaeological zone.

Source: Turismo Edomex