Tender for Dos Bocas refinery will be restricted: Nahle


The head of the Energy Secretariat said that the restriction seeks to prevent companies with a history of corruption from participating.

Tender for Dos Bocas refinery will be restricted
Tender for Dos Bocas refinery will be restricted

Rocío Nahle, head of the Energy Secretariat, said on Tuesday that the tender for the project of the new Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco will be restricted.

"It's going to be a restricted tender because we're going to invite specialist and serious companies. We are avoiding international companies that have a history of corruption, that is one of the firsts that the President has sent and that is why we are interviewing and seeing large companies that have built infrastructures of this size, "said the head of the unit of the forum Energy Mexico.

Through this tender scheme, Pemex will be able to select at least three companies to present their proposals for the development of the project.

In this same space, Nahle highlighted the cost involved in the reconfiguration of three of the six refineries, which are the ones that currently produce less.

Given the proposal to reduce the tax burden of Pemex, the official stressed that the national oil company is one of the companies with the highest tax regime in the world.

"You have to help it to also have resources for independent investment that is carrying a debt of 100 billion dollars," she explained.

Asked about the actions that will promote the largest production of natural gas in Mexico, the official acknowledged that the country has reserves for dry gas and shale gas, for which Sener analyzes new technology.

"It is still very expensive, a new technology that we saw that does not have a great environmental impact," she said.