Tenacatita, the perfect paradise of Jalisco


We dream it all the time: escape from the office, from the reflection of the monitors and the eternal routine. Take a break from the city, from the infernal traffic, from the ranks for this and for the other. The tension of work and the endless nonsense of social networks and WhatsApp chats. To look at the sky without more concern than to appease our mind. To touch with the soles of the feet a bit of that earthly paradise that is in the bay of Chamela.

Owner of a purity and beauty reserved for nature lovers, the Chamela Bay raises its hand as a perfect option.
Owner of a purity and beauty reserved for nature lovers, the Chamela Bay raises its hand as a perfect option.

The coast of Jalisco has places to visit that look like a paradise. Chiseled with divine imagination, owners of a gentle swell and surrounded by the most exuberant nature. Going to the South of Puerto Vallarta, where the big hotel chains still do not appear, it is still possible to find virgin places. Here, in this corner planted with peace and sea breeze, is Chamela, belonging to the Costalegre in Jalisco.

But what makes Chamela so special? We can start with what is perceived at a glance. It is the only bay in the country that has 11 islands in its interior (not counting islets). With its 13 kilometers of the inlet, it is a perfect meeting point for those who come from either Puerto Vallarta or Barra de Navidad.

It is possible to find excellent hotels in the area, but you can also enjoy its romantic hostels or a snack in its palapas. The flavors of seafood combine freshness and intensity. The sight that can be enjoyed while you consume them, well, that you can not find anywhere else.

According to playasmexico.com, the islands and beaches that you should not miss in your adventure through Chamela are Colorada, La Novilla, Cocina, San Pedro, Sphinx, San Andrés, San Agustín, Felicillas, San Mateo and Fortuna. In general, you will find that its waves are intense, although not risky as long as you take the necessary precautions.

Taking the road to the South of Chamela, passing Costa Careyes and Emiliano Zapata, we arrive at Tenacatita. After seeing Chamela, we could think that Jalisco had a paradise, but after seeing Tenacatita you will get a surprise: Two paradises together.

Tenacatita is also a bay, and as such, the best way to get to know it is on board a motorboat to explore it. The transfer can last up to three hours, but they fly away before the sublime beauty that unfolds before your eyes.

When you reach the central part of the bay, you will notice that the route "breaks" abruptly in the direction of the South. On this route, you will pass by a place known as Boca de los Gorriones, where a lagoon flows into the sea through a natural channel. The combination of sweet and salty gives a clear and beautiful appearance to the waters.

It is impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the natural wealth of the area. In the sky, pelicans draw sinuous white lines as they fly. Down the fish and crabs play in the water. In some areas of the bay, even, it is possible to find crocodiles.

Tenacatita, in the municipality of La Huerta, for decades has been one of the preferred beach sites for young and adventurous people who decide to undertake the trip without more luggage than a little clothing, simple food, and even a tent. Do you crave to know?

Imagine the scene: A sea-colored with an infinity of blue tones. The murmur of the waves accompanying your steps and your feet in contact with the finest sand. Pure air and intense flavors. The adventure is here, before you. Escape the office, routine and stress ... Fulfill the dreams that nest in your heart.

From Guadalajara take the highway to Manzanillo and at the height of La Resolana, take the road to Villa Purificación. From there, follow the road to get to Pérula and then to Chamela. Remember, before leaving for the road, check the conditions of your car and do not forget to take your "Passport" supplement.

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