One of the most successful Mexican sayings says "A full belly, happy heart", and that is that food unites people, either by sitting in front of the table or for the pleasure of sharing the flavors of the saucers If we add a travel opportunity to this activity, the result will be indescribable. As an incentive, to explore flavors and locations, we share six of the Gastronomic Routes. These culinary experiences were created to show a more complete Mexico, in which in addition to traditions, culture, and natural attractions, there is an enviable seasoning.

Dishes with history, Guanajuato

If among your plans is to visit something more colonial, in the city of Dolores Hidalgo you will find mining enchiladas, pig trotters, and stuffed squid chiles or, if you prefer something sweet, try some "charamuscas". All these dishes and more can be tasted in the Hidalgo market, based in a huge building on Avenida Juarez, built at the end of the 19th century.

Mariachi cuisine, Jalisco

Give taste to taste with typical dishes, such as the famous drowned cakes, pozole, and lamb shepherd. Regarding the drinks, try the Tequila de la Cofradía, a tequila farm, surrounded by nature and framed by the agave landscape; here you will know the process by which the heart of the agave is converted into our national drink.

The flavors of the sea, Nayarit

A paradise for those who prefer seafood. Start with the traditional fish zarandeado or tatemado; then, oyster and top with some shrimp meatballs. Lower the food a little with a boat ride along the La Tovara spring; Afterwards, they can take classes and rent surfboards at Luna Azul Surf School, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

From the coffee to the vanilla, Veracruz

La Parroquia coffee is a must-stop for a delicious and traditional milkman. After the quality drink, they can go to something cooler in the snows of Güero, which has been making its frozen products for more than 30 years with a handmade recipe. Culminates the trip in Coatepec, travels through its fields of coffee cultivation and processing.

Between cuts and vineyards, Nuevo León

Lovers of the flesh? So this route is ideal for you. With an extraordinary view of the Cola de Caballo waterfall, enjoy typical dishes from the region, such as the fritada de cabrito, the pork roast, and the cornbread. If you prefer something quieter, there is the Santa Lucía promenade, a boat tour and you can enjoy the restaurants and shops along the way.

Some 1,500 typical dishes and drinks make up the country's culinary scene. In 2010, Mexican cuisine was named Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.