During his second government report, the mayor of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Adrian de la Garza, announced that the tallest building in Latin America will be built in Monterrey, and will be located in Constitución Avenue.

He emphasized that currently there are 32 mixed-use development projects in downtown Monterrey, where 6,909 housing offers are being built for young people who come to live in that area because of the quality of life, security, and transportation.

The Torre Rise building will be 440 meters high, which will surpass the 305 meter TOP Tower, which is currently the tallest building in Latin America.

Construction is expected to begin in the second half of 2021 and the building would take about 36 to 40 months. It is believed that the complex will have 92 floors which would have a hotel, offices, apartments, stores, and a sky deck.

The apartments would be a little more than 250 square meters, while in hotel rooms they would be around 180 meters. Although it has not yet been decided which hotel group will be in charge of the facilities, several rumors suggest that it will be the Marriot brand.

Torre Rise could become the second-highest in the Americas since the number one is the World Trade Center in New York with 541.3 meters high, the second place is the Willis Tower in Chicago with 442.1 meters and which could be surpassed by the tower Regia.