The tacos al pastor is rated as the best dish in the world

According to the gourmet portal Taste Atlas, Mexican tacos al pastor proudly outperformed Italian pizza and lasagna.

The evaluation of tacos al pastor was carried out by international chefs and gastronomy experts.
The evaluation of tacos al pastor was carried out by international chefs and gastronomy experts.

Whether it's a party, an afternoon of cravings or a fun date, any excuse is good to savor some tasty tacos al pastor, with its pineapple, cilantro, onion and spicy sauce. This Mexican food, which was created in Puebla, has obtained the title to the best dish in the world according to the ranking presented by Taste Atlas.

The gastronomic recommendations site created a list that includes the 100 best dishes in the world. The gourmet experts assigned the tacos to the pastor a rating of 4.6 on a 5-star scale. Other Mexican delicacies, such as enchiladas and chile relleno, also appear on the same list.

This delicacy of the Aztec gods is followed at the top by Ćevapi (Bosnia), Pizza Napolitana (Italy), Lasagna (Italy), Parrilla (Argentina), Tom yum (Thailand), Khachapuri (Georgia) and Ceviche (Peru). The complete list can be found at this link.

Find tacos to the pastor with your cell phone

Taste Atlas includes restaurants where you can find the best tacos al pastor in Mexico City, including 'El Farolito', 'El Califa' and 'El Tizoncito'.

However, if you live in the capital, we are sure you know many more options. Wherever you go, you'll always find a good place to eat tacos. In Google Play there are apps that will help you find the closest ones. For example, Taco Guru, here you can explore all the restaurants or taquerias near your location, with schedules, menus, and recommendations. Or if you wish you can order some taquitos at home with apps like UberEats.

But if you want to prepare them yourself, you can choose to install Family Mexican Recipes, charged to your Telcel Bill, which will show you step by step how to cook them and surprise your friends.

Now that you know how famous tacos al pastor are, would you like some for dinner today? Here we leave you several options for you to indulge yourself.

By Mexicanist