The taco does not take much science in its preparation, it is very simple and economical, but its flavor is indisputable. The taco is enjoyed in an infinity of varieties, but always easy to prepare and delicious. The art of this food consists of a corn tortilla that is folded to contain as many ingredients or fillings as we can imagine, and the best thing: we do not need more than our hand to enjoy it, of course, each one with its style.

The taco has so many varieties, all of them so tasty, that it is difficult to choose, for example, between a suadero taco or an al pastor taco, the favorite of foreigners, and what about carnitas or cochinita pibil taco, see how we conflict? Verne Déborah Holtz, the co-author of La Tacopedia, comments: "Everything that is Mexican can be rolled up in a tortilla", and it is not far from the truth, since the versatility of the taco confirms, speaking of gastronomy, the quote.

The exact origin of tacos is unknown, but there are historical documents that show that it was part of the diet of pre-Hispanic cultures, an example of this is the account of the conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo of a banquet with the emperor Moctezuma, where tortillas were offered that were filled with fish, snails, escamoles (ant roe) nopales, among other stews.

Nowadays we can find them with suadero, placeros (avocado with chicharrón), gobernador (shrimp with cheese), al pastor, carnitas, cochinita pibil, mixiote, stew, bistek, dorados de pollo, de canasta. It is estimated that there are currently more than 20 thousand different taco recipes.