Huawei has the perfect sports watch to enhance your daily training


Huawei has just launched a new sports watch that you will want to make your best ally to improve your exercise routines and moderate your stress levels.

Huawei watch: Publicity photo on Instagram
Huawei watch: Publicity photo on Instagram

In order to make training easier for sports lovers and to improve in any discipline, Huawei launched its new GT 2. It is a sports watch that has already become the key element for any routine, as it offers three essential functions:

Track your training

When you want to see the results of your exercise routine, it is very important the accuracy and the record of your practices, for that the Huawei Watch GT 2 has GPS and GLONASS positioning systems. No matter what sport you choose, this revolutionary equipment has an affinity with 15 outdoor sports, such as running, walking, climbing, hiking, trail running, cycling, open water swimming, and triathlons. It also features indoor sports such as walking, running, stationary bike, swimming pool, free training, elliptical machine, and rowing machine.

It monitors and provides a guide everywhere

You can take your personal trainer with you, wherever you go. This system has a personal training guide which includes 10 courses, with different levels to run that include a voice guide during the exercises, seeking to help users with different objectives. In the same way, it has monitoring of the effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, allowing athletes to enjoy the benefits that their body produces with high and low-intensity exercises. This watch has general judgments, which determine the effectiveness of the workout, and with the data from the most recent workouts, it offers dynamic statistics of the intensity range.

Monitor and record your heart rate

In every physical activity is essential to keep your heart rate controlled, and for that, Huawei through the HUAWEI TruSeen function, offers to take a more efficient and accurate personal measurement of the heart rate in real-time, thanks to an algorithm-driven by Artificial Intelligence that manages to monitor your heart condition day and night.

It also has an accurate system for measuring your stress levels, as well as your sleep levels if you use it at night. This new product will give you the best tips and advice to improve your health day by day. You can find it in different versions and different shades.

By Mexicanist