Spice up your dishes with these spices

Imagine if cooking were the art of magic, these would be the powders that enhance the flavor of your preparations. Choose them and use them.

Spice up your dishes with these spices
Flavor your dishes with these spices. Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

If cooking were the art of magic, these would be the little powders that make the flavor grow in your preparations. Get to know them and use them.

Star anise

In China, it is a small star-shaped dried fruit used in the five-spice blend of oriental cuisine. It seasons Asian dishes with rice, pork, duck, or beef; in confectionery, it flavors syrups and infusions.


Rolled bark of a tree cultivated in Sri Lanka. With a warm, astringent, and slightly spicy flavor and aroma, it is used in pieces or ground in curries, compotes, bakeries, and confectionery. Mexico is the largest consumer.


Its small dark seeds have a strong flavor with notes of menthol and anise. It flavors curries, rice, and other specialties of Asian cuisines. In the western world, its use in confectionery and bakery is marked.


Floral bud of a plant native to the Indonesian archipelago. With a pungent, intense, and spicy flavor, it flavors pastry preparations, preserves, and sauces. It is also part of the famous Chinese five-spice blend.


Of Mediterranean origin, its small, elongated seeds have a warm, slightly spicy, and pungent flavor. It is used to flavor sauces, and stews and is popular in the preparation of bread, sausages, and cheeses.


A mixture of spices of Indian origin. Like the moles, there is no single formula to make it, but the addition of turmeric, coriander, cumin, and pepper is indispensable. It can be found in powder or paste with different spiciness.


Seed of a tree native to southern Asia, whose powerful, fragrant, slightly spicy, and sweet flavor is often used in dishes made with potatoes, eggs, and cheese. It is also used in confectionery.

Black pepper

Fruit of a plant native to India and Southeast Asia. It is small, round, black, and with a powerful and spicy flavor that seasons dishes from all over the world. It is best to buy it whole and grind it on the spot.