Mexico's toll roads are usually a good tool when we want to reach our destination safely, comfortably, and quickly. However, many people make these places their "race track" by considerably exceeding the established speed limits. Although the road allows users to go faster compared to the average city road, we must not forget that everyone who drives on a highway must comply with the regulations established by Capufe.

According to the Ministry of Transportation's official notice, all drivers driving on a toll road must comply with the maximum speed regulation. The maximum speed for the transit of vehicles will be 80 km/h for trucks, 95 km/h for buses, and 110 km/h for automobiles and motorcycles regardless of their power or dimensions. The fine for speeding is applied to the license plate of the unit and not to the driver. The cost of the fine for speeding ranges from 7,85 pesos to 9,919 pesos.

It is worth mentioning that from January to June 2020 alone, there were a total of 247 fatal accidents on toll highways in Mexico. This is an increase of 56.3 percent compared to the accidents presented in the same period of time in 2019 (158). Some 160 of these accidents were caused by loss of control of the unit due to speeding, which implies a clear violation of the limits established on the road.