As part of the opening of the financial market and to offer more options for users in the country, the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) announced that the South Korean bank KEB Hana begins operating in Mexico. A new financial entity will begin to offer its services in Mexico and it is KEB Hana, the most powerful bank in South Korea that arrives in the country to attract the business market and foster commercial relations between both countries.

According to a statement from the National Banking and Securities Commission, KEB Hana Bank Limited, who is the main shareholder of the KEB Hana Mexico Bank, "is the largest banking institution in the Republic of Korea and has a global network that operates in 24 countries in Asia, America, and Europe ", while its headquarters is located in Mexico City. With this financial support, KEB Hana Mexico wants to be a financial entity that promotes business and commercial exchange between both countries, so it will seek to support projects oriented towards this goal.

"The new banking institution, subsidiary of KEB Hana Bank Limited, will have as preponderant activities to provide financial services to companies that support international trade and, in particular, trade between Mexico and the Republic of Korea," said the CNBV.

With the approval to start operating for KEB Hana Mexico, there are 51 banks in operation in our country, said the commission, adding that "this is the first bank to be integrated in 2019" while last year the Shinhan Bank opened its offices. , Bank S3 and Bank of China; in addition to the process of merging Interacciones with Banorte, according to information that El Financiero takes up again.

In addition, according to the official website of this bank, it "offers ample opportunities for all employees to realize their dreams and helps customers to expand their assets and grow their business." And he adds that his model is based on developing "his presence as a financial institution that does everything possible to contribute to the establishment of a prosperous society and maximize the value of shareholders." KEB Hana Bank Limited, the parent company of the KEB Bank Hana Mexico has created alliances over the last few years with the most important financial institutions in the world, which has given it an outstanding prestige not only at the local level but also in the most important markets. important at a global level.

Enter the list of shareholders who at some point had some commercial alliance with KEB Hana Bank Limited, is the American investment bank Goldman Sachs, who bought a percentage of their shares. Then there are Temasek Holdings of Singapore and the German insurance corporation Allianz SE, who have also had a stake in KEB Hana Bank Limited. With this record and being the most important financial institution in South Korea, KEB Hana Mexico already has a presence in the country and with the endorsement of the regulatory body, will begin to operate opening bids for customers in the country that are interested in the products. They offer but also to try to expand the commercial markets in one of the most important nations of Asia.