Soriana will offer business opportunities to producers in Yucatán


Soriana Organization and the government of Yucatan will hold Business Tables on January 30 and 31, where 60 suppliers will participate with textile, industrial, fishing and agricultural products, in order to promote and develop small state suppliers.

Yucatan Products Fair of Soriana will take place in May
Yucatan Products Fair of Soriana will take place in May

These Work Tables serve for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to establish a first contact with Soriana, and later participate in Fairs where they exhibit their products and generate business opportunities.

In a statement Soriana said that this year, the Yucatecan Products Fair of Soriana will take place in May, with a duration of 30 days.

With these tables, Organización Soriana kicks off the Pyme 2019 events cycle, which aims to continue to support small entrepreneurs seeking the best development paths to boost their products within the Mexican market.

During 2018, Soriana held 14 fairs and business tables, and interviewed more than 1,525 suppliers throughout the country, which have been integrated into the commercial catalog of each of the Organization's formats.

Within the framework of its 50th anniversary, it continues its effort in support of the development of small and medium Mexican producers; and reaffirms its commitment to serve and delight every year more Mexican families with more and better products.