Social Media Week asks "Who Are We"

Social Media Week, the global event that takes place around the world in approximately 25 cities, arrives in Mexico City from June 11 to 13 at the Blackberry Auditorium.

Social Media Week asks "Who Are We"
Who We Are. Image: Social Media Week

Social Media Week (SMW), the global event that takes place around the world in approximately 25 cities, arrives in Mexico for its 5th edition.

It is a platform in which participants share ideas of how social networks have changed all aspects of life: at the level of business, technology, and even culture. This year, the main theme will be the responsibility that comes with telling stories on social networks.

The number of users in social networks around the world is 3 thousand 200 million, with an annual growth of 13 percent. By 2020, it is estimated that 5 billion people will be connected. In Mexico, there are 75.1 million Internet users, 67 percent of the population, and spend eight hours on the Internet.

"Given the scale, social networks have become the most influential storytelling platform in the world. Regardless of the form they take, the stories we tell through social networks, all have the power to influence more than 60 percent of people on the planet, "said Paula Cutuli, director of Social Media Week Mexico and founder of Soulnet.

Entrepreneurs, academics, experts in social networks and technology, brand managers, creatives, digital consumers, and students will gather in this global event that will be presented simultaneously in Mexico City, Rome, Los Angeles, Coer D'Alene, Bristol, Durban, Kyiv, Nairobi, Puerto Rico, and Warsaw.

In its 5th edition in Mexico, an analysis will be made about the impact of technology on our way of living, working, and creating in a connected world that increasingly involves more people under the theme of Storytelling and how it has been affected by the platforms, connectivity, and algorithms.

"This event will be very useful to get acquainted with the news in the world of Social Media and are invited brand managers, startup managers, communication agency professionals and all those who are dedicated to Community Management", concluded Paula Cutuli.

Social Media Week Mexico will be held from June 11 to 13 in Mexico City, at the Blackberry Auditorium.