Slow food: the return to home cooking


Today, slow food is identified as a worldwide movement, but it first emerged in Italy during 1986 as a response from citizens to counteract the excessive growth of fast food chains and return to preparing food at home to put healthier alternatives on the table.

Delicious slow food at home
Delicious slow food at home

It is increasingly common to discover in the supermarket new processed food options that are offered ready-to-eat or to find that fast-food chains are more accessible and abundant than healthy alternatives. This, combined with the pace of life today, has led us to neglect the importance of spending enough time preparing our food.

The slow food trend motivates us to be more reflective of our habits as consumers and to dispense with the preservatives of processed foods or frozen dishes that are offered ready to heat in the microwave.

Its philosophy seeks to replace foods in which chemicals are used for the production of their ingredients (including pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics) with ingredients and foods produced in an environmentally friendly way, both for producers and consumers.

In Mexico it is difficult to get organic products at affordable prices, so a good option is to get fresh and clean vegetables sold in local markets, and offered by the same producers. In addition, planting family gardens is an alternative that helps us reduce the intake of agrochemicals.

With respect to meat, the most recommended is that of free-range cattle, which were raised in less industrialized environments. The benefits to our health will be reflected in fewer probabilities of manifesting food allergies or long term side effects, because of the excess of hormones and antibiotics that some companies use to stimulate the growth of the cattle.

Another positive effect that Slow Food brings to the body is the greater use of the nutrients contained in fresh vegetables, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

If you are interested in adopting slow food as a lifestyle, one suggestion is to schedule a routine for home-cooked meals, and use the artisan products of local merchants, provided they offer a guarantee of safety to prevent damage to our health.