At the beginning of time, the world was covered with immense oceans. And at the bottom of them, as in a mother's womb, lived 2 twin brothers named Sipa and Komat, who would later become the creators of our world.

One day, the twins Sipa and Komat realized that they no longer wanted to live alone at the bottom of the sea, so they planned to emerge to the surface, but it was not going to be so easy, since they would have to take a great leap and thus be able to reach the air.

After thinking about it for a long time, a great impulse took hold of Komat, which made him abruptly throw Sipa, who arrived out of the water. Sipa, not knowing how to breathe out of the water, was about to die, fighting for his life, waving his hands and feet until he could breathe fresh air.

Komat, realizing his brother's great feat, shouted in surprise: -How did you do that!" Sipa, feeling very angry for what his brother did to him decided to take revenge, so he advised him that before getting out of the water, he should open his eyes wide so he could make out the way to the surface.

With great courage, Komat took a big push, and following his brother's advice he opened his eyes to be able to see the way, but the water penetrated strongly into his eyes, causing him great pain and permanent blindness. Once reunited on the surface, both brothers understood the evil they had done, and without holding a grudge, they both forgave each other and healed their souls.

After embracing each other, they observed that the only thing on the surface was a great variety of ants: big, small, with wings, red, black, and more. Seeing that the ants were working the land, Sipa and Komat asked them to dig, so they could lower the water and have a place to settle.

The ants, kind and quick, listened to the brothers, and went down to the bottom of the sea and dug, making the water go down enough to form what we now know as Earth. But even though there was already solid ground, everything was very dark, so both brothers began to devise a way to illuminate their new home. So, from the palm of Sipa's hand, a very powerful light emerged, which would become our sun.

This light was placed on top of a stick, but Komat realized that it would illuminate more if it were high in the sky, so Sipa directed the light towards the sky with the tip of his finger, which caused a white scar on his fingernail. After creating the sun and illuminating the Earth, both brothers decided it was time to create humans, taking some clay they began to make them, each with different features, and that was how the cucapá were created.

Continuing with their task, the following days were dedicated to creating the animals. And to finish, from the interior of Sipa came out four vomits, each one of a different color: white, red, yellow, and black, and when they combined, all kinds of wild plants and herbs emerged from the earth, making the two brothers finished the creation of the world.

Source: INPI