Moments of terror were experienced by tourists who went last night to the Rosa Negra bar, at kilometer 7.5 of the coastal zone of Tulum, where a shooting left two people dead and one injured. Witness accounts indicate that at about 10:30 p.m. at least two armed persons arrived and fired several shots.

At that time the bar was at maximum capacity so that dozens of tourists had to flee in terror. Outside, a cab driver from the "Tiburones del Caribe" union, identified as Marcos Abraham F. B., was seriously injured and received help from his fellow cab drivers, who took him to a hospital. Halfway there they met an ambulance of the Costamed company, which took him to the clinic, where he died.

The lifeless body of Adrián C. C., who worked as a security guard, was left inside the bar. The body, dressed in blue jeans and a blue t-shirt, was left face down with several bullet wounds. It was learned that another person was wounded in the arm during the shooting, but fled on foot. On his own, he arrived at the Costamed clinic, where he requested attention and was taken to Playa del Carmen. He was admitted to the General Hospital.

Source: Meganews