Anglo-Dutch company Shell will begin importing gasoline to Mexico

Shell will begin importing gasoline to Mexico
Shell will begin importing gasoline to Mexico

Shell will begin this year to import fuels by land and sea to Mexico, in order to supply its service stations, in addition to adding to its network between 100 and 200 new gas stations.

According to the Downstream director of the company, Murray Fonseca, before half of 2019, they will begin to bring gasoline through railways, while in the second semester they hope to do it by sea.

"In all parts of the world we are integrated, have 31 refineries in various parts of the world, have our own transport, storage infrastructure, we seek to integrate and that is what we will do in Mexico at some point," he said in an interview with the media.

Fonseca detailed that at this moment they analyze issues of logistics capacity of the terminals, distribution and ground transportation, to ensure that the trucks that will transport the product comply with the standards.

As part of the expansion plan, the Shell chain expects to reach 2019 between 300 and 400 units in the national territory, whose openings will be a mix of its own and franchised stations.

The executive said that currently, the company has about 200 service stations in 11 states of the country, where they have seen a growth in volume when making a change of brand with respect to stations in the area or historical gas station.

Likewise, he assured that with the arrival of the new federal administration, his plan of growth in the country will not be slowed down, because they will continue to accelerate the entrance to the market, and although there are changes in the industry, they do not observe radical changes.

"We remain very interested in Mexico, it is still a very important country, being the fifth most important gasoline consuming nation in the world, we have made statements that we are going to invest more than one billion dollars in the next 10 years if the conditions are maintained".

This Friday Shell opened its first "Retail Training Center", focused on learning for service specialists that represent the brand in the State of Mexico and Mexico City.

The objective is to provide training in safety, customer service, proper product handling, general knowledge of engines, maintenance, and even food care and hygiene for their convenience stores.

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