Shamanic Tulum party organized in the area of ​​turtle nests


Like the Boa Beach Club, inside the Tulum National Park that this Thursday, April 25, pretended to carry out a shamanic party in honor of the Pachamama, with the stridency and the excesses of all kinds of drugs and narcotics, tonight Within the polygon of 660 hectares that the Supreme Court of Justice determined in May 2008 should be preserved, a shamanic celebration will be held. 

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Both festivities, included in the Art With Me festival calendar, whose ticket costs are around $ 300 per night. The two facilities, Boa Beach Club and Tankah Cove are part of the Tulum National Park and its owners are known, politicians.

Corrupt politicians

In the case of the Boa Beach Club, it belongs to the recently imprisoned for embezzlement of public resources and released for the payment of bail, Rafael Castro y Castro, former municipal president of Solidarity. In the case of Caleta Tankah, the owner is the twice loser to the mayor of Tulum, Jorge Portilla Manica, who, however, has held positions as secretary of the state cabinet and is currently director of Municipal Planning in the PAN government of Víctor Mas Tah

This Thursday, the shamanic party in the exclusive Boa was frustrated thanks to the firmness of those in charge of the Tulum National Park, who kept a strict watch to avoid the entrance of exclusive assistants to the festival, taking into account that this faculty is of its competence, since the access to the park has the official time of 7 to 19 hours and the exceptions are for guests of the different hotels, as well as public services and commercial supplies agreed with the businessmen of the area.

But, tonight, the party will be at one of the nesting beaches of sea turtles, the Tankah Cove, which does not have free access to the beach, despite federal regulations and constitutional guidelines, so it will be more difficult to prevent for the personnel headed by Fernando Alonso Orozco, director of the Tulum National Park, because in fact, Caleta Tankah is a completely privatized facility.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of Caleta Tankah, the politician and millionaire Jorge Portilla Manica, has been one of the harshest detractors of the preservation actions that Tulum National Park Management has undertaken, headed by Fernando Alonso Orozco, who even in a public activity Jorge Portilla Manica tried to throw off the facilities of the town hall, last February, ensuring that its restrictive action was contrary to the interests of true Tulum locals like him and other entrepreneurs.

Sea turtles in danger

The sea turtles that usually start arriving from March will be discouraged to their nesting not only by the Tankah Caleta festival but by many others that take place within the so-called Art With Me Festival that is displayed as cultural and ecological but that in the facts it maintains an elitist and excluding air, and is highly pernicious for the environment, since its activities alter the same to the marine fauna that terrestrial, that still abound Tulum.

It is worth mentioning that precisely because of the species of marine and terrestrial fauna as well as the type of vegetation that exists in the Tulum National Park, its existence, which dates back to 1972, is presumably protected by sentence 72/2008 of the Supreme Court of Justice de la Nación (SCJN,), which ruled in May 2011 and after a prolonged constitutional controversy (initially filed by the City Council of Solidarity and continued by the City of Tulum), which within the National Park "can only afford activities related to the protection of its natural resources, the increase of its flora and fauna and, in general, the preservation of the ecosystems and their elements, as well as the research, recreation, tourism and ecological education".

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