At the end of June, Shake Shack opened its first branch in Mexico on Reforma Avenue and, just a few days ago, the chain began operations in Arcos Bosques. "We operate our subsidiary through Grupo Gigante and will develop the brand nationally. We plan to have 30 stores in 10 years, it is neither so aggressive nor so slow, a growth of 2 to 3 stores per year," Losada said.

On the other hand, the properties in which the restaurants are located are part of the strategy with which the famous chain of restaurants wants to conquer the Mexican public. "We were looking for a place that was in the center, not too far to the south or too far to the north, that was accessible and could be reached from anywhere in the city. In the end, we went through Reforma, an iconic place, on the corner of the Angel of Independence," commented Business Director.

Concerning the Arcos Bosques branch, Losada said that it is part of the growth strategy but that it was never sought that Shake Shack made its debut in Mexico. Restaurant design is vital to the Shake Shack strategy. For the American chain, the experience of its customers is fundamental to ensure its success. Part of this relates to the interior and exterior design of buildings, which is also part of Shake Shack's differentiator in other markets.

In the case of Mexico, the firm chose to inspire its kitchen in the original design of the first permanent gastronomic kiosk that operated in Madison Square Park in New York.

Where did Shake Shack come from?

The huge chain of hamburger restaurants began in 2000 as a hot dog cart at Madison Square Park, which was part of an initiative to preserve the park. However, after a huge success, in 2004 the owners of the cart decided to open a permanent kiosk in the park where, in addition to hot dogs, they started selling hamburgers, milkshakes, wine, beer, and frozen custards, thus being the birth of the first Shake Shack Currently, there are more than 160 Shake Shack branches around the world.

Where is Shake Shack in Mexico City?

The first Shake Shack branch in Mexico opened on June 27, 2019, on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 333. Shake Shack Mexico will be open from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 00:00, while on Sundays it will be from midday to 10 pm. Among the favorite burgers are SmokeShack and ShackBurger. Potatoes with cheese, frozen custards, and shakes are also some of Shake Shack's memorable dishes.