The series "Toda la sangre" ("All the blood"), starring Aarón Díaz and Ana Brenda Contreras, will show a rarely seen face of Mexico in fiction and will generate discussion about Mexican identity, according to its director. "It seems to me that the series opens very interesting dialogues and conversations about who we Mexicans are and what are the open wounds in our culture," said Hari Sama, one of the directors of the production, at a press conference at the Franz Mayer Museum.

The series "All the blood", based on the book of the same name by Bernardo Esquinca, tells the story of red note journalist Eugenio Casasola, played by Díaz, who teams up with Lieutenant Edith Mondragón (Contreras) to solve a series of murders in Mexico City that resemble Aztec sacrifices. "(Casasola) is a character I've been waiting for a long time. It took me ten years to do a project in Mexico because there wasn't one that excited me as much as this series," assured Díaz who spent a lot of time with Esquinca for the creation of Eugenio.

Ana Brenda faces the challenge of playing a character that in the original work is a man, a situation that she found fascinating. "I love the idea of being able to contribute this new element for those who have already read the Casasola saga," said the actress.

"Toda la sangre" ("All the blood") has as director Luis Prieto, director of series such as "White lines" (2020) and "Snatch" (2018), in the first five chapters of the story. While the rest of the ten chapters that make up the series were in charge of Hari Sama, director of "This is not Berlin" (2019) and "Lu's Dream" (2011). The latter will also have a small role at the beginning of the story and assures that the vision that will be had of Mexico City will be one of the most attractive things of the series.

"You are going to be able to see another face of the city, we have gone deep into the bowels of the historic center and the series plays in a very interesting way conceptually and energetically on the surface and the underworld of Mexico with the Mexica heritage we have as mestizos," added Sama. "Toda la sangre" ("All the blood") is a production of Freemantle Mexico, Starzplay, Pantaya, and Spiral International, and was created and produced by the latter's showrunner and executive producer, Zasha Robles, creator of "Falco" (2018).

As Robles explained, at the time the series -which is in the shooting phase and has no premiere date- was contemplated to be presented this 2021 taking advantage of the commemorations of the 500 years of the conquest that took place this year. However, reasons beyond their control prevented it.

What is clear to him is that beyond commemorating a date, what they were looking for was to demystify the bloody culture in which the Aztec culture is stereotyped and to celebrate Mexican roots. "We were looking for a story that could really connect with Mexico. We didn't want to get into the world of narcos, violence, and politicians," said Robles.