Serial rapist who operated in Coyoacán caught but a group of men try to rescue him


An alleged criminal accused of raping eight women in Mexico City was arrested by the CDMX Attorney's Office. This morning, during his transfer to the Reclusorio Oriente, a group of men tried to rescue the detainee, but they were not successful.

A group of men in several vehicles chased the agents in the streets
A group of men in several vehicles chased the agents in the streets

The alleged serial rapist, identified as Juan Carlos 'N', 24 years old, was wanted for sexually assaulting no less than five women in the mayor's office of Coyoacán in just three months. He also faces charges for express kidnapping and robbery.

This man drove a taxi and when his victims ascended to the unit, the aggressor threatened them with a knife and abused them. Ernestina Godoy, head of the PGJ, confirmed that there are eight victims.

At the time of being apprehended, Juan Carlos 'N' threatened investigative police officers (PDI), alleging that his uncle was a commander and president of the Council of Honor and Justice of the PDI.

At dawn, while the alleged rapist was transferred, a group of men in several vehicles chased the agents in the streets of Iztapalapa and tried to prevent the vehicle from reaching its destination.

The group consisted of several men in a van, two taxi drivers and a motorcyclist. Seeing that they were the target of a possible attack, the agents of the Central Office for Sex Crimes requested reinforcements from the Special Group of Reaction and Intervention (GERI).

Within a few minutes, other elements of the Office of the Prosecutor of the demarcation and the GERI escorted the patrol in which Juan Carlos 'N' was transferred. The subjects chasing the vehicle started to escape.

While the authorities are investigating whether there is a link between the vehicles that chased the agents and the threats of the detainee, the journalist Carlos Jiménez (ContraRéplica) reported that the commander Jesús Aldana Rosas was dismissed from the presidency of the Council of Honor and Justice.