Sentence of Chapo is an example for young people


This morning at a press conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the sentence of the Chapo is an example for young people, this was accompanied by the call to "those who take these paths to reconsider and think that freedom is a very precious gift and that should not affect others, should not cause harm to others and should not cause harm to oneself and family because they are in one way or another suffering, that is what I can say, to serve as a lesson teaching so that you think that real happiness is not money, material things, cheap luxury, fame, true happiness is being good with oneself, with one's conscience. "

Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Photo: Courtesy
Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Photo: Courtesy

The ideology that will be used in a forthcoming mass campaign aimed at young people with the purpose of reducing the rates of drug users, "We must lower drug consumption and serve young people and we will achieve this so that they leave the path of antisocial behavior, "he said.

López Obrador stated that as for those who were involved in this case, according to what was stated in the so-called Trial of the Century, everything will be done according to the processes that may exist. The tabasqueño affirmed that the government's approach to his charge is to give it course and not stop anything if there are complaints, in addition to addressing the complaints that will be presented.

"Politically, my position is very clear from the campaign, when I took ownership I mentioned it, I am in favor of thinking ahead, that we must punish, we can punish past mistakes, but what has more sustenance in terms of justice is to avoid the crimes of the future. I am in favor of seeing forward and that we start a new stage and that we do not bet on what was done for a long time while being punishing scapegoats, "said López Obrador.

For the above mentioned that to investigate everything related to past administrations, it will have to be by the will of the citizenship, through a national consultation, so that it begins with "those from above", who by the way "did not touch them nor with the petal of a rose, and they did not lose their respectability ".

"A consultation, to judge, there are elements, from Carlos Salinas to Enrique Peña Nieto, going through Zedillo, Fox and Calderón, if we want that. I am in favor of condemning the regime, I care more that I strip what was the neoliberal regime, the policy of pillage, looting, cheating, "he replied.

The above with the intention that in the future, at the end of its administration, it will not be repeated.

Finally, the president reiterated that he will defend that Mexico will not remain anchored in the past, as well as that he will be committed to zero corruption and zero impunity.

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