Self-imposed curfew in Cuernavaca due to crime


The insecurity that has been unleashed in the last 10 years has affected the nightlife in the city of Cuernavaca, in such a way that the establishments selling intoxicating drinks register economic losses of up to 40 per cent.

Citizens and tourists stop going to bars and restaurants, who report economic losses
Citizens and tourists stop going to bars and restaurants, who report economic losses

On the other hand, the citizens expressed their concern to take to the streets, as well as the lack of will of the authorities in charge of security to eradicate this situation that has hurt the people of Morelos so much.

This after the increase of homicides in different municipalities, armed attacks and disappearances, turning the state into a place of high risk and terror for the inhabitants, who considered that if the government does not manage to control it, it will soon get out of their hands, becoming a war zone sheltered by violence, where you have to take precautionary measures every time you leave home, hoping to return.

The most recent fact was last Thursday when an armed group attacked the Sophia bar, which left the balance of a dead girl and eight other people injured, and as a result of this an operation was implemented in the nightclubs where the closure of three of them because they operated without a license.

The Association of Nightclubs and Nightclubs of Morelos reported that bars and nightclubs had a bad weekend with low sales and economic losses of 40 percent.

In contrast, in restaurants there was a small increase in consumption, however, they set a closing time between 19:00 and 20:00 hours due to acts of violence.

One of the owners of a restaurant bar located in the center of Cuernavaca, whose name is omitted for security reasons, said that their sales fell considerably, so much so that they feel insecure because while the authorities dispute the control of security, the affected are the third parties.

Did they register economic losses due to the closure of some businesses, in solidarity with the Sophia bar, attacked in the past days? "Yes, of course sales dropped because people do not leave anymore, it's sad and we're sorry but we can not close because I have to pay for insurance and other taxes," he replied.

He said that several years ago they registered visits from other states but now neither those from Mexico City go to Morelos, so their clients were reduced to a small group of about 150 people per day when before they received more than 300.

The Vicar of the Diocese of Cuernavaca, Tomás Toral Nájera, said that the current authorities should put aside the blame of past administrations and implement efficient security protocols to end and control the insecurity that ails. He indicated that although on the way they should make clear the problems that are coming, the time comes when it is necessary to have more forceful actions, forgetting the discourse of the past and focusing on the work to be done to recover peace.

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