Security of Mercedes-Benz stadium tried to throw a Mexico flag in the garbage

The final duel of the NFL is about to begin and while the actions begin in the field of play, outside the stadium there is an endless number of things. One of them and likewise of the most controversial, is that security members of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where Super Bowl LIII is played, tried to throw away a Mexican flag that was carried by a group of compatriots, as they argued that went against the rules of the stadium, a fact that in the end was 'false', according to El Universal.

Security of Mercedes-Benz stadium tried to throw a Mexico flag in the garbage
Security of Mercedes-Benz stadium tried to throw a Mexico flag in the garbage

This group of Mexicans was preparing to enter the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to occupy their places, enter to live the incredible atmosphere that the fans place and many other things but prior to access, they were stopped by members of security.

The police tried to take the flag from Lucas, a 16-year-old boy who went with 7 other people because according to his words this was forbidden, so he caused very strong indignation for the Mexicans because they argued that there was nothing wrong, since that it was only a flag, it is something that identifies them and they wanted it to be recognized in the stands.

The security member ignored and tried to take it off the young man who had it tied on his back, as it was part of the rules. The Mexicans felt bad and indignant because they wanted it to be deposited in a boat with bottles, food, garbage, and other waste, so they refused and everything turned a little bad, because, in order to intimidate them, he called the greater number of elements available for him to heed.

The policeman argued that the Mexicans were trying to pass it secretly, to scare them away and that they agreed to throw it away, but fortunately they remained firm and ignored it.

Fortunately among the security members of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium who came after this call. There was a woman who spoke Spanish, who tried to explain why they could not enter with the Mexican flag but they pointed out that it was a mistake. The woman told them that if they extended it and did not exceed the length limit for the national flag, they could enter; Lucas did it and they noticed that it was not happening, so they could enter with her.

This fact caused a lot of annoyance because they also argued that the cops, being Americans, wanted to "hang out" with the Mexicans, since moments before they saw people with flags of Croatia and England to whom they did not say anything, but this is in the inkwell and the reflection so that we know if they only wanted to comply with the rules or if it really was an attack against ours.