In Mexico, there is a warning about a dangerous scam that arrived in the country. Coaching' sects can be the new way to take advantage of people. According to information from Noticieros Televisa, coaching sects are a new and dangerous form of fraud that came to Mexico. They consist of 'training and help' for people who have problems in their lives from those who feel they can not get out. Depressed, confused, or simply sad people are the main ones to resort to these coaching sects that 'work' offering personal improvement strategies to people.

Coaching is, according to the International Coaching Federation, an ongoing professional relationship that helps to have extraordinary results in life, profession, or business. It helps the client to deepen knowledge, improve quality of life and be more productive. However, some believe that it is a methodological process that works with people's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This is how coach Alejandro Meza considered it. The doctor in psychology, Hector Cerezo Huerta, considers that coaching has been prostituted, so people who saw the economic potential it has, are presented as professionals or experts.

A report by Sofia Rattinger of Mexico News Network revealed that the world of 'coaching' grew so much that there are even institutions that offer courses to become a 'coach'. Universities in Mexico reportedly offer similar courses. The psychologist Cerezo Huerta said that these courses 'coaching' "refer to feel but not critically analyze the problems. It was mentioned that those products known as 'Success Programs' and 'Life Coaching' are also part of these coaching sects but with different names. Although the report by Sofia Rattinger mentions that Europe is the place where more people are engaged in 'coaching', Mexico also has some sects, among them:


It is a company that offers personal improvement courses and sells its courses for six thousand pesos. They convince people to buy their courses and force them to recruit new members, in addition to having them sell tickets for more events and raffles. It has been calculated that their massive training of 160 people every five days leaves them with earnings of up to 960,000 pesos per week. This company has several lawsuits for psychological and emotional damages.


The courses of this company have a cost of 5 thousand pesos and the last five days that can include weekends and offer an intensive introduction of 24 hours. (Via: Noticieros Televisa) Presents lawsuits of several people for physical injuries caused in the dynamics of the courses and by fraud.

Creo coaching

The workshops offered by this company are held in closed, unventilated, dark, and humid places. Their clients suffer psychological violence; they are made to believe that their relatives or friends are enemies. People who resort to them and have managed to get out of their scam say they are forced to give them three months' salary and get recruits. Their courses cost six thousand pesos but they can pay up to 120 thousand pesos in the following months. All these and other companies dedicated to giving this type of courses are a fraud alert, if you know of anyone who needs help, recommends turning to specialists and professionals.