Seasoning recipe by Doña Atilana

The advice of Doña Atilana is that if the spices are added to the food at the end, the food retains its flavor better. Check out this recipe and try it out.

Seasoning recipe by Doña Atilana
Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

Doña Atilana's advice is that if the seasoning is added to the food at the end, the food retains its flavor better. Let's give it a try.


1 whole chicken
½ tomato
2 pcs. of plantains
5 slices of pineapple
¼ raisin
7 pcs. sausage
¼ almonds
5 cloves
5 peppers
Pinch of cumin
A small piece of cinnamon
1 onion
2 heads of garlic
Salt to taste


Cook the chicken with a piece of onion and a head of garlic. The plantain, sausage, pineapple, and almonds are chopped into cubes. Grind the tomato with two cloves of garlic and a ¼ of onion (if it is red onion, it is better). Then, in a casserole or pan, with a little oil, fry the plantain with the pineapple, sausage, raisins, and almonds for five to eight minutes, or until they are half cooked.

Once these ingredients are half cooked, add the ground tomato. Let it fry for a moment until it is red. Once the tomato is well fried, add the chicken pieces, the broth (making sure it is not too watery), and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Finally, grind the cloves, pepper, cumin, and cinnamon in a molcajete. With a strainer, we sprinkle them on the food once it has been removed from the fire.

Source: INPI