Hilton wants to reach 100 hotels in Mexico by 2020


The Hilton company expects to have around 100 hotels in Mexico by the end of 2020, for which it is already preparing the opening of three new units in the country, of which two will be in Mexico City and one more in Cancun.

The vice president of Development at Hilton for the Caribbean and Latin America, Juan Corvinos, said that while the world economy has not had one of its best moments, the tourism industry has been resilient and, in Mexico, far from stagnating, it has been strengthened.

In this way, he revealed that the country's capital will have two luxury boutique hotels under the Curio brand; the first one will be located in the first square of the city, in a building over 100 years old, which will offer, from May, a space with only 59 rooms.

While the second will be located in the street of Lafontaine, in the Polanco neighbourhood, and will have only 34 rooms, with the same quality standards as that of the capital's Zócalo, with a highly specialized service and great design.

"We need to be present (in the capital) to be able to expand the brand with Curio, we already have hotels open in Guadalajara and in Playa del Carmen, but we needed to give this city an example to show people what a boutique hotel by Hilton is ", He said in an interview with Notimex.

He added that these two new hotels will be added to the four that Hilton already has in the capital so that by the end of this year they will close with six in the city; However, the executive expects that more brands of the company will arrive and be able to position themselves.

The third hotel that will open this 2019 will be the Canopy by Hilton, the first in Latin America, which will be located next to the shopping centre La Isla, in Cancun, with 175 rooms and whose objective will be to provide a complex outside of those all-inclusive.

"We keep growing, the Hilton and the Waldorf-Astoria of Cancun are still under construction at a great speed and we hope to have them at the end of 2021, but we want to give customers more offers and that is part of the multi-brand strategy we have in Mexico and throughout Latin America. "

However, not everything remains in these three complexes, as it also announced that a Hilton is being built at Galerias de Valle Oriente, in San Pedro, Monterrey, which will be focused on the business sector, and whose inauguration is planned for 2021.

"In Monterrey, we have had a lot to do with the entire company and the entire industry that lives in Monterrey, we have always had service hotels focused, but now we needed a full-service hotel meeting in the category of a Hilton."

Juan Corvinos explained that, to date, Hilton has 60 hotels in Mexico and more than 30 that are in design or construction. "We are not the largest foreign company in Mexico, but we are the one that is growing the most.

In response, he said that Mexico is the most important market for the company in Latin America, since of the 150 hotels it has in the region, 60 are in Mexico and the number will continue to grow.

The executive recalled that with the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) "there is greater assurance that things will go ahead and that there is good faith on both sides to ensure that the other two countries continue to grow and collaborating together. "

To this, he added that the more than 40 million foreign visitors to Mexico in 2018 indicate confidence in the destination, shows that "people like to come to eat here, that people like culture and, above all, that they like Mexican hospitality. "

However, he said, Mexico must continue investing in its tourism and this is a good time to do so and continue to grow in the country, given that it has a strategic position. "Mexico connects the Pacific with the Caribbean, the North with Central America has a lot to gain from the American and Canadian connection, from the Asia-Caribbean connection, it has a real possibility of continuing with that improvement, and people want to continue coming to Mexico. , he returns for the service, for the kindness and for the facilities ".

While it is difficult to innovate in the sector in these times, he said, Hilton is betting on new locations and new concepts, so it already explores destinations such as Oaxaca, as well as magical towns in the centre of the country, and even border cities.

"Lately we have been travelling a lot through the area of Oaxaca, through the area of magical towns, through all the areas of the interior of the country that was not so important before, and I'm not talking about the Bajío, a very important area for Mexican production, but other, even border cities, all the equipment we have in Mexico is focusing on what is the current state of the seats."

Finally, he stressed that by the end of 2020 he expects Hilton to have 100 hotels in Mexico and thus increase the company's global growth by more than six per cent, after 2018, the number of openings increased by 7.0 per cent compared to 2017.